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Service commitment

Service commitment

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1, pre sale service:
(1) Free on-the-spot investigation, project consultation, drawing design, project budget and related technical information.
(2) Customer-centered, to provide customers with a variety of feasible solutions for customer reference to obtain the best customer satisfaction program.
2, sale in service:
(1) Strictly follow the relevant national standards for production, according to the ISO 9001 quality system for product quality control throughout the process, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the contract.
(2) Free delivery, installation, commissioning for customers, fill out the quality acceptance form, complete the use of customers, maintenance and general troubleshooting technical guidance.
3, after sales service:
(1) Warranty service: The equipment is guaranteed free maintenance for life for three years, and the required service is quickly provided to the customer. After the warranty period, the maintenance of the equipment only charges material fees without labor costs.
(2) telephone service: set up a customer hotline, and deal with customers' problems in the process of using the equipment for the first time.
Software services: provide free consultation and software version upgrade to customers free of charge.
(4) Safeguard service: Establish customer files, implement tracking service for customers, conduct annual inspection and periodic warranty for customers free of charge.

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