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After-sale technical maintenance

After-sale technical maintenance

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Warranty period: five years after acceptance.
Maintenance staff will respond within 2 hours after receiving the notice of maintenance within the free warranty period and arrive at the site within 24 hours.
The commitments are as follows:
1. The products of Jiangxi Jinhu Insurance Equipment Group Co., Ltd. are guaranteed free of charge and life-long maintenance within five years from the date of acceptance. We will be responsible for free repairs or replacements if any non-artificial quality problems occur during the warranty period. We will be responsible for repairs if the loss caused by improper use by the users or if the products exceed the warranty period. Only the material fee and installation related fees will be charged appropriately.
2, during the warranty period, we are responsible for all losses due to equipment quality problems.
3, we provide free delivery, installation, commissioning and training services.
4. After receiving the customer's notification, the maintenance staff will respond within 2 hours and set off, arrive at the site within 24 hours for maintenance, and solve the problem within 8 hours. If there are special circumstances, the problem can not be solved in a short period of time, the company will make a written explanation and clear the time to solve the problem.
5. Our company has an after-sales service department, with a special person responsible for the annual consultation of products, answering customer questions about product quality, maintenance and maintenance, and collecting market information and customer's desire to optimize the product.
6. We regularly guarantee and maintain the products we sell. If there is a serious fault that needs on-site maintenance, our company's professionals guarantee to start within 24 hours and rush to the scene.

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