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Message from the President

Message from the President

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Dear colleagues and friends from all walks of life:
Golden Tiger Group has undergone a history of 35 years since its inception. Over the 35 years of initial stage of enterprising, we have experienced winds and rains, and reaped harvests. Starting from a small workshop in the early stage to a leading enterprise in the national steel furniture and safe equipment manufacturing industry, and then to the group operation mode, we have gone through a road of struggling paved with toils and sweats which is filled with competition and challenges. We would extend our sincere thanks to our customers and the society for their strong support of and selfless caring Golden Tiger, and we would also express our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated employees who are working hard at their posts!
“Long is the road ahead.” The value of individuals does not lie on the amount of wealth, but rather on the creation of greater values and the reasonable use of social resources. Only by relying on self-confidence and hard work can an individual achieve successes, and this is especially true to an enterprise. In the vast sea of business, thousand boats are competing. Confidence energizes us in the environment where competition and development coexist and opportunities and challenges go hand in hand; great efforts we’ve made allow us to learn to be down to earth and engage ourselves in relentless pursuit.
A man cannot establish himself without credibility, and a business cannot achieve success without credibility. Golden Tiger people are deeply aware of the truth that integrity is gold, and we admonish employees to follow the path of integrity. Five thousand years of ancient culture tells us that we must be an honest and upright person before getting things done! Only people with moral virtues can achieve the feats of high character and integrity. Over the past 28 years, regardless of behaving ourselves, making friends, or doing business, we have been sticking to the principle of being people-oriented and winning the world through credibility, which is the essence of the successful development of Golden Tiger Group.
We inherit classical traditions and make innovation and transcendence. Innovation is one of the fundamental elements for the development of an enterprise; we are devoted to self-transcendence and innovation in development. Golden Tiger people will inherit the essence of the Chinese culture, continuously learn excellent experience from others, make constant innovations, and continuously improve technologies and equipment, to improve product quality; we will attract excellent talents, and allow competent and honest people to realize their values of life, to jointly promote Golden Tiger to achieve greater development.
Development is an endless process. Standing on the new height, we have a long way to go. We will continue to forge ahead and constantly pursue first-class quality and services, and actively create a warm, open, sincerely cooperative, and enterprising win-win atmosphere.
We sincerely welcome guests and friends from all walks of life to visit Golden Tiger to seek common development and create our brilliant future!