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2018 New Year's greetings

2018 New Year's greetings

     It's another year of spring. Stepping into the golden tiger's triumphant advance, we head into a brand new 2018. On this occasion, Jinhu Group sends New Year's greetings and best wishes to all the leaders, friends from all walks of life, marketing officers and staff and family members who have cared for and supported the development of Jinhu cause for many years. I wish you all a happy New Year! Good health! Family happiness!
      In 2017, under the situation that the market demand has not increased significantly and the competition among peers is unprecedentedly fierce, in the face of the three key tasks of the construction of the science and Technology Industrial Park and the technical transformation of equipment, the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and the market development, the group will work together to overcome difficulties and make progress. Winning the overall business still maintained stable growth, sales revenue, money back, tax, profit record high, once again refresh the market share and social contribution of the country's first record in the same industry! Achievements are achieved by the strong support and help of leaders and friends at all levels, by the Golden Tiger marketing generals and all employees to pioneer and innovate, tenacious dedication to work hard. Here, the golden tiger group expresses its heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels, friends and Gold Tiger people.
      On the road of continuous development, the group has become a national high-tech enterprises, innovative enterprises in Jiangxi Province, national intellectual property superiority enterprises, Jiangxi Province, the first batch of integration demonstration enterprises, China's metal furniture industry leader. However, the survival and development of the enterprise is a relay race that never ends. If it does not advance, it will retreat or even be eliminated. With a broad international perspective and forward-looking business ideas, the Group has always grasped the pulse of the market and listened to the voice of customers, centered on the development strategy of "transformation, innovation, quality and brand", adhered to the new industrialization road of deep integration of the two, and strived to implement "outstanding performance, people-only innovation, quality improvement and efficiency" The mode of operation and management focuses on the transformation from manufacturing to creation, from purely pursuing profit to creating value for users, from single variety and purely providing products to multi-variety customization and providing integrated solutions, and has achieved remarkable results in transformation and innovation, quality improvement and market development.
In 2017, the group through a variety of cooperation, integration of resources and industrial chain, under the joint efforts of everyone, to achieve the national industry-class Golden Tiger Science and Technology Industrial Park completed and put into operation, intelligent manufacturing equipment, Golden Tiger innovation research and development platform put into operation and information management platform (ERP management system) upgrade objectives, the basic realization of the enterprise. Management informationization, research and development platform, equipment digitization, intelligent products, personalized service, new growth momentum is forming, so that the core competitiveness of the group leader in the country peers. In the "National Quality Benchmarking Enterprise" selection activity organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Jinhu Group is the same industry in China and the only enterprise elected by Jiangxi industrial enterprises. It has also won the single champion demonstration enterprise of Jiangxi manufacturing industry.
In recent years, more and more metal furniture industry related and supporting enterprises have begun to layout the market of intelligent metal furniture, intelligent products gradually become the red sea of metal furniture enterprises. In order to avoid relying on price vicious competition, the group takes technological innovation as the core, utilizes the marketing and research institutes distributed all over the country, applies the biometric identification technology, software technology, control technology, sensor technology, network technology and so on to the traditional products, realizes the product intellectualization, the use humanization, guides and satisfies. Users' intelligence, information management and diversified market demand. We have upgraded the intelligent electric intensive shelf and the management system, the intelligent gun (ammunition) cabinet and the management system, successfully implemented the integrative solution of the intelligent library, and innovatively developed the intelligent bookshelf and the management system, the intelligent Treasury (door) and the management system, the intelligent case management system and the intelligent tube. Pharmaceutical cabinets and management systems, intelligent safe, shared goods and other new products, has achieved the market share of the industry's first achievement, has been recognized by users. With the introduction of the mode of "excellence in performance, single-person integration", the demand for individualized products is more flourishing. Golden Tiger has introduced the flexible manufacturing mode synchronously. It has made great breakthroughs in manufacturing automation, computer-aided design, fuzzy control technology and related supporting technologies of flexible manufacturing, and has formed the superiority of sustainable competition. Potential.
New era, new height, new starting point and new leap! Looking back on the 2017, we are proud, we are grateful! Looking forward to 2018, we are full of expectations. With the world economy recovering well and China's economy moving out of the L-shaped bottom, the competitiveness of manufacturing industry has been redefined and new growth momentum is forming. Today, Jinhu people should not forget their original intention and learn advanced experience, consolidate and expand the market, carry out technological and managerial innovations, and constantly upgrade products. Quality and technical level; Advanced humanized products and intimate service to the customer, for the "hundred years golden tiger, industrial prosperity" and strive hard!
I wish all the leaders, friends, marketing officers, staff and family members good health, good luck and a big New Year!
Jiangxi Jinhu Insurance Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
February 6, 2018.